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At Body Therapy we offer several types of Massage Therapies and Body Treatments. People use massage for a variety of health-related purposes, including to relieve pain, rehabilitate sports injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address anxiety / depression and aid general wellness. Massage therapy has a long history in cultures around the world.

Swedish / Therapeutic Massage

This massage includes gliding strokes and relaxation techniques to relieve tension, reduce stress, and will leave you rejuvenated and relaxed.


Pressure can be adjusted to fit client preference (from light to moderate pressure). Ideal for relaxation or first time massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Using hot river and basalt stones, this massage incorporates the warmth of the stone along with the natural grounding effect of the earths rocks to relax and renew your body.

Caution: Do not request this treatment if you have a history of: heart disease, high blood pressure, pregnancy, varicose veins, or any condition that heat causes you to feel weakened.

Reiki Therapy

A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.


Reflexology is an art and science that is based on the principle that there are reflex points and areas in the ears, hands, and especially the feet that correspond to every gland, organ and part of the body. 


By skillful stimulation of these areas and points with hand, finger and thumb techniques natural healing forces are stimulated and the entire body is assisted into a profound state of relaxation.  This facilitates the release of stress and promotes harmony and balance in the functions and interrelationships of the body


Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary hands-on therapy applied to the feet and hands, face and ears for improvement of health and stress reduction. Doctors agree that over 75% of our health problems can be linked to nervous stress and tension. Reflexology clients report varying degrees of relaxation, calming and increased sense of well being.

Back Scrub Treatment

The benefits of body scrub go beyond exfoliation to include relaxation, detoxification and more. A good scrub stimulates blood circulation, helps drain lymph nodes, and detoxifies your body internally.

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment focuses on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue by using slow strokes stripping of the muscle and deep finger pressure to help loosen muscle tissue to release adhesion and supply the muscles with blood and oxygen, which will release tension and aid in the body's healing process.


Ideal for problem areas or to help to relieve painful movements. 


This treatment is therapeutic and requires some communication during session between client and therapist and is not considered a relaxation massage.

Prenatal Massage

This treatment is designed just for the mom-to-be who is past her first trimester, to help reduce stress and tension. 


Using specially chosen essential oils, blended with lighter relaxing massage strokes, this massage is safe for mother and child. 

Facial Cupping

Facial Cupping doubles as a facial massage and a sinus treatment. Using light pressure vacu-therapy, cupping increases circulation, re-hydrates the tissues and encourages proper flow of the sinuses. 

This treatment is relaxing and beneficial.

Sole Cupping

Historically Cupping on the feet has been a difficult prospect.


But with the continued development of modern Cupping equipment, negative pressure treatments on the feet has become a favorite throughout the health community and the public.

Foot Scrub Treatment

Foot scrub therapy offers many benefits, including soothing discomfort and pain.

It also helps by sloughing away buildup for smoother, healthier skin, protecting feet from further damage, loosening tight arches, toes and heels, improving flexibility and range of motion of the toes, feet and ankles.​

Couples Massage

A couples massage allows partners to experience massage together in the same area as one therapist works on each person.

Call to Book Couples Massage

MediCupping Therapy

Current vacuum therapies are a modern use of an ancient tool and possess the benefits of traditional use, along with many incredible new applications. 

This therapy utilizes glass or plastic cups and a vacuum machine to create suction on the body surface.  

These cups are moved over the skin using gliding, shaking, popping and rotating techniques while gently pulling up on the cup, and are parked for a short time to facilitate joint mobilization or soft tissue release.  This suction can reach deep into the soft tissue or can work superficially to pull inflammation and toxins toward the surface so that the skin and lymphatic system can readily eliminate them.  Scar tissues often release quickly, despite the age of the injury or keloid tendencies.

One of the most amazing aspects of this technique is the "separation" that the vacuum produces in tissue layers. 
This enables water absorption and renewed blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissue, which is invaluable in pre- and post-surgery treatments. 

It is becoming evident that separation of fused, congested soft tissue and increase in tissue function can be a catalyst for change in many current health conditions.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic massage, also called lymphatic drainage or manual lymph drainage, is a technique for treatment of lymph-edema, an accumulation of fluid that can occur after lymph nodes are removed during surgery, most often a mastectomy for breast cancer.

Lymphatic Sinus Massage

With lymph massage of the head and neck the sinuses can drain and decongest the lymphatic system. 


Lymphatic drainage therapy concentrates on specific lymph nodes under the jaw line. The main lymph nodes for face-lift massage are pea size and under the mandible.


During a face massage, the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes are stimulated to open and enhance circulatory and lymphatic flow.

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